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Welcome the Fall colors!

Come celebrate our 37 years in the antique business.

Visit us on the first and fourth Sundays of every month from 10 to 4 at The Willow Glen Collective located at 1349 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, Ca 95125

Or visit us at Union Antiques at 2602 Union Ave San Jose, CA 95124 on May 13th from 10 to 4 for our Mother's Day Sale.

Hopefully you are all finding the Fenton Art Glass you want otherwise please reach out to us at the Willow Glen Collective where we can help track down your special item.

Fun Fact: For a great side trip visit
the BAGI (Bay Area Glass Institute). Located in San Jose, they offer classes and demonstrations on how to make glass!

Please everyone stay safe and healthy in 2023.



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