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Happy New Year!

Start the New Year right, come see us in Sacramento on Saturday January 21th between 10 AM to 5 PM and again on Sunday January 22th between 11 AM to 4 PM on Sunday at the Scottish Rite Center at 6151 H. Street.

Or stop by The Willow Glen Collective located at 1349 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, Ca 95125 We have several new vendors and are packed with new merchandise.

For the new year, I thought I might start introducing the old pressed glass patterns from the late 1800's. Moon and Star is my favorite, it is a repeating pattern of deep moons and series of smaller moons with stars. The first company to produce the pattern was Adams and Company of Pittsburgh, PA in 1874. The original name was "Palace" in which they created several heavy pieces with the beautiful and unique celestial pattern.

In the 1930's Sy Wright took the moulds he brought from the Diamond Glass Company of Indiana, PA to Frank Fenton for reproduction. Later in the 1960's L.E. Smith contracted John Weishar of the Island Mould Company to reproduce the Moon and Star moulds.

Popularity increased as Fenton and the Wright and Smith both started producing pieces in new beautiful colors. Kate Smith, a popular singer at the time chose the pattern as inspiration for her theme song "When the Moon Comes Over The Mountain", eventually becoming a big hit in her era. This success helped solidify Moon and Star as an American Staple.

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Please everyone stay safe and healthy in 2023.

Fun Fact: Copper and Cobalt are two chemicals which help make our beautiful blue glass.



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